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Excavator track

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Excavator track breaking away from the track refers to the track breaking away from the track composed of guide wheel, support wheel, drive wheel and support sprocket, commonly known as "chain breaking". This is a scene that neither the excavator driver nor the owner would like to see.Excavator Track Link Export to Iraq

On the one hand, the driver needs to pay more attention when driving the excavator to turn. If the track shows signs of initial derailment, he should jack up the track and idle it.

On the other hand, frequent deviation also indicates that the chassis itself has problems and needs maintenance.

Excavator track deviation

There are many reasons for orbital deviation, but they can be basically classified into three categories.

First, because the four wheels and the belt are not on the same plane, the track deviates from the track. This means that the excavator needs to replace the guide wheel.

The second reason is that the track is too loose, resulting in the deviation of the track.

The tension of the track is adjusted by pushing the guide wheel through the tension cylinder, and the tension cylinder is pushed by the grease gun to adjust the tension of the track. However, in many cases, the tightness of the track cannot be adjusted.

If the chain guide bushing is worn, the bushing of each part must be replaced. But now it seems that few people "press the chain rail" to replace the pin sleeve, and more people replace the chain rail directly.

Third, the chain guard plate is worn and does not work, resulting in the track deviation.

If you compare the chassis of excavator and bulldozer, you will find that there are some differences. Even if the bulldozer track is loose, the chain guard of the bulldozer rarely falls off. That's because the chain protector of bulldozer is a whole block from the driving wheel to the guide wheel, covering all the rollers, while the excavator has only two small chain protectors, one at the middle roller position and one at the guide wheel position.

Once the chain cover is worn, the chain track can easily slide out of the chain cover, causing the track to run away. At this time, it is necessary to repair or replace the chain guard.